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The website provides information about the Foundation’s history, mission, previous grants, and program areas. This information is helpful to understand when deciding whether or not to apply for funding.
In order for an organization to be eligible for a grant from the ETA Fund, the request must fit the following criteria:

  • Must fall within the Field Foundation’s General Guidelines;
  • Must demonstrate a well-documented need; and/or,
  • Though qualified, would not be included in a regular Field Foundation grant cycle due to the timing of the request.

An organization may only receive one ETA grant per year. Organizations that have received a regular grant from the Foundation may not apply for an ETA grant until their current grant expires. Moreover, organizations that have received an Emergency and Technical Assistance grant may not apply for a regular grant until their Emergency and Technical Assistance grant expires.

There are three areas where funding can be considered:

  • Emergency needs that would lead to a cessation of service or threaten the health and safety of the clientele and/or staff of the organization (An emergency is defined as a one-time occurrence that is beyond an organization's control and unrelated to any ongoing resource development or related issue);
  • Small discrete projects that proceed over a short time frame, are generally one time in nature of need, and can be effectively addressed through a grant in the range of $2,000 - $5,000; and,
  • Technical assistance, (e.g., board development, program planning, evaluation, strategic planning, resource development, fiscal management, and in-service training) intended to enhance or expand internal operating capacity, efficiency and effectiveness.

The ETA Fund will not pay for tickets or other fundraising activities, nor will it pay overdue bills, payroll, or other general operating expenses.

Organizations are strongly advised to call a Field Foundation program officer prior to submitting an application for the Emergency and Technical Assistance Fund.
ETA requests are accepted throughout the year and do not have a deadline. The ETA program is on a first-come, first-served basis and funds are extremely limited.
To apply for a grant, an Emergency and Technical Assistance Form must be submitted to the Foundation which documents the magnitude of the problem and a specific time-limited plan to address it.

Along with the grant application form, please include:

  • A one-page summary of your proposal request;
  • A copy of the requesting organization’s 501( c )(3) tax-exemption letter from the Internal Revenue Service;
  • A list of the organization’s Board of Directors and affiliations;
  • A list of current project and agency funders (with amounts);
  • A copy of the requesting organization’s most recent audit;
  • Current operating budget;
  • Current financial statement; and,
  • A copy of the consultant’s proposal, if applicable, and a resume, background summary or agency brochure of the chosen consultant which includes a list of the consultant’s current or former clients.

A hard copy must be received by the Foundation’s office:

  • 200 S Wacker Drive
  • Suite 2860
  • Chicago, IL 60606

The Foundation does not accept grant requests via email or fax.

In general, applicants to the ETA Fund should receive a response from the Foundation approximately six weeks after the application is received. Once a decision has been made, turnaround time can range from one day to two weeks.
ETA grantees must submit within 45 days an abbreviated reporting form called the ETA Final Report. Grantees' failure to comply with this requirement could preclude future funding.